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To meet the educational needs of healthcare professionals and paraprofessionals, we provide quality continuing education and training programs for the health care industries workforce. Some of the programs offered include:


Nurse Assistant Testing

The purpose of the competency evaluation is to ensure that individuals who provide personal care
services to nursing facility residents and/or home health clients have the basic knowledge and skills
needed to perform these duties. The competency evaluation consists of a skills examination and a
multiple choice written/oral examination. Participants will be tested on five randomly selected skills
as directed by Minnesota Department of Health guidelines.
You will be informed of your official test
results the day of the examination.

After successfully completing the competency evaluation, you will be placed on the Minnesota
Nursing Assistant Registry. This registration can be transferred easily to North Dakota and most
other states.

Scheduled test dates:

M State Campus




Detroit Lakes

900 Highway 34 E
Detroit Lakes, MN 56501

(218) 299- 6903

(800) 426-5603 ext. 6903


(218) 291-4267

04/16/14 - 4 pm

05/28/14 - 4 pm

06/04/14 - 4 pm

06/12/14 - 4 pm



Test location:
M State - Moorhead North Campus

1110 14th St S
Moorhead, MN

Mailing Address:1900 28th Ave S
Moorhead, MN 56560

(218) 299-6903

(800) 426-5603 ext. 6903


(218) 291-4267

05/06/14 - 3 pm

05/14/14 - 2 pm

05/15/14 - 9 am

05/16/14 - 9 am

06/03/14 - 9 am

06/19/14 - 9 am

06/24/14 - 9 am


Fergus Falls

1414 College Way
Fergus Falls, MN 56537

(218) 299.6903

(800) 426-5603 ext. 6903


(218) 291-4267

05/01/14 - 9 am

06/26/14 - 9 am



405 Colfax Ave SW
Wadena, MN 56482

Sonja Amundson

(218) 631-7883

(800) 247-2007 ext. 7883

07/15/14 - 9am



Nursing Assistant Training

This 77-hour Certified Nursing Assistant course is recommended if you are interested in a nursing career or
if you are seeking employment as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

The course introduces concepts of basic human needs in simple terms. You will learn to assist residents in
activities of daily living.

This course, approved by the Minnesota Department of Health, will focus on basic nursing skills and be
presented through the use of lecture, textbook, handout materials and demonstrations. Skills are
demonstrated and practiced in a supervised laboratory setting and clinical environment.

All students must have a background study done at the beginning of the course as a state requirement for
clinical placement in Minnesota.

Completion of the course enables you to take the Nurse Aide Competency Evaluation. The competency
evaluation has a separate fee of $150.

After successfully completing the competency evaluation, you will be placed on the Minnesota Nursing
Assistant Registry. This registration can be transferred easily to North Dakota and most other states.

Attendance is mandatory for successful completion of this course.See attached brochures for additional times and locations, registration form, and more information.


Medication Administration for Unlicensed Personnel or Medication Assistant II Course

This course is designed to train unlicensed personnel from various settings i.e., nursing homes, boarding care homes, group homes, schools, etc. in North Dakota or Minnesota who will be administering medications.

The 48-hour classroom/lab course meets Minnesota requirements for medication administration. This 48-hour course, plus an additional 32-hour clinical component (following the classroom portion), meets North Dakota requirements as a Medication Assistant II. Students must be sponsored by their employing North Dakota facility to participate in the clinical component. Students may elect to take the 48-hour classroom/lab instruction only. The 32-hour clinical component could then be completed at a later date (within 6 months) after securing a sponsoring North Dakota facility through employment. This course can be taught in your community. Call Karen at 218.299.6586 for details.

Prerequisite: Current Minnesota Nursing Assistant or North Dakota Certified Nursing Assistant registry status. Minnesota Department of Health Nursing Home Rules also state unlicensed nursing personnel who administer medications in a Minnesota nursing home must have completed a nursing assistant training program approved by the Minnesota Department of Health.


RN and LPN Nurse Refresher Courses

(Approved in Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin)

Independent Study Refresher Course for RNs and LPNs

This independent-study course is designed for RNs/LPNs who have not practiced nursing for some time
and/or who are seeking re-licensure in Minnesota, North Dakota or Wisconsin. Theory and clinical
components are included. The clinical portion of the course can be arranged in a health care facility
in your community. Students can start the course at any time.

Cost RN Refresher Course: $895 includes book, materials and nurse's liability insurance. Call Karen Schumacher at 800.426.5603 ext. 6586 or 218.299.6586 for more information.

Cost LPN Refresher Course: $895 includes book, materials and nurse's liability insurance. Call Karen Schumacher 800.426.5603 ext. 6586 or 218.299.6586 for more information.

The RN and LPN Refresher courses are both offered online, as well as hard copy.


Continuing Education for Nurses, Dental & Health Professionals

All workshops have been designed with careful consideration for the continuing education guidelines for
health professionals in North Dakota and Minnesota. However, it is your responsibility to determine whether
the program meets your individual re-registration requirements. Verification and appropriate materials will be

Please contact Karen Schumacher by e-mail or by phone at 218.299.6586 or 800.426.5603 ext. 6586 for
more information about contact hours. M State is a pre-approved continuing education provider for
North Dakota social workers.


Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Inhalation Sedation

This 12-hour course will focus on preparing the dental assistant or dental hygienist for the safe, effective administration of nitrous oxide/oxygen inhalation sedation as required by the Minnesota State Board of Dentistry. The course consists of 6 hours of didactic instruction (4 hours of outside preparation and 2 hours of lecture) and 6 hours of supervised clinical experience using fail-safe sedation equipment capable of positive pressure respiration. The clinical session is structured for each participant to administer three individual supervised cases of sedation.


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