At M State, you can build the foundational math and science skills that prepare you for a successful career in one of the many specialties in the field of engineering.

WDS iconM State's 60-credit Engineering AS degree, offered on our Moorhead campus, will prepare you to earn a bachelor's degree in engineering at a four-year college or university.

Transfer easily to NDSU

Our partnership with North Dakota State University allows graduates to transfer into any of NDSU's eight engineering programs, and earning an AS degree at M State means you will have completed the general education courses required by NDSU.

Supportive M State instructors

Courses include engineering, math, chemistry, physics and general education. Our higher-level math and science classes are taught by instructors with master's degrees and average 15-25 students, so you benefit from your instructors' individualized attention.

You'll learn to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of scientific theories and the scientific method
  • Formulate and test hypotheses
  • Collect, organize, analyze and interpret experimental data, and perform statistical and graphic analyses
  • Use algebra, trigonometry and calculus to analyze equations of physics and chemistry and solve problems
  • Analyze physics word problems, translate them to mathematical forms, solve them and communicate the results in writing
  • Set up laboratory equipment to perform experiments using schematic drawings
  • Demonstrate knowledge of mathematical and logical modes of thinking
  • Gather factual information and apply it to a given problem


Ashley McDaniels

Ashley McDaniels

M State instructors are awesome. All of my instructors genuinely care about each student’s success. M State’s faculty is one-of-a-kind.

Josh Mickelson

Easily the best decision I made in my college career was going to M State. I was able to stay ahead of my bills and pay for tuition along the way, so now I have very little debt.