Detailed cost

Tuition for 2022-23

Tuition - Resident $ 180.80 per credit
Tuition - Non-resident (pilot project) $ 180.80 per credit
Tuition - Internet Delivery $ 198.95 per credit
Tuition - PSEO (Dept. of Education) Set by Dept. of Education
Tuition - PSEO (Contract with School Dist.) $ 180.80 per credit
PSEO Surcharge (Contract with School Dist.) $ 30 per credit

Special program tuition for Academic Year 2022-23

Tuition - Dental Hygiene and Dental Assistant $ 224.60 per credit
Tuition - Radiologic Technology $ 210.80 per credit
Tuition - Limited Scope Radiograpy $ 210.80 per credit
Tuition - Electrical Lineworker Technology $ 210.80 per credit
Tuition - Nursing $ 224.60 per credit
Tuition - Cardiovascular Technology $ 224.60 per credit
Tuition - Surgical Technology $ 224.60 per credit

Fees for Academic Year 2022-23

Technology Fee* $10/credit
Late Fee 0-6 $25 7+ $50
Student Activity Fee* $3/credit - Detroit Lakes
$9.38/credit (max 12 credits) - Fergus Falls
$3.70/credit - Moorhead
$4/credit - Wadena
$3/credit - eCampus
Student Association Fee* $.35/credit
Wellness Center Fee* $6/credit
Parking Fee $2/credit - maximum 15 credits/semester
Prof Liability Insurance Fee $9.75
Test Out Fee $50/credit
Payment Plan Fee (Campus plans only) $20/plan
NSF Check Fee $15/check
Senior Citizen Fee $20/credit
CNA Virtual Knowledge Test/Retake $100
CNA Skills Test/Retake $150
ATI Curriculum for PNSG $544.50-$909.50 per term
ATI Curriculum for NURS $544.50-$909.50 per term
Radiology/LSR Exam Fee $58/program
Radiology HESI Exam Fee $232/program
LSR X-ray Operator Exam Fee $175/program
Background Check Fee $52
National Background Check Fee $45.75 year one, $26 yearly thereafter
Clinical Makeup Fee $25/hour
Replacement of Student Identification Card $5/Identification card
Pottery Clay Fee $60/course
Golf Green Fee $40/semester
Football Fee $150/semester
Salon Practicum Supply Fee $3/practicum credit
Clay Target Fee - PE1200 $200
PowerSports Technology Certification Fee $117
Refrigeration Nat'l Certification Examine Fee $25
Drug Testing Fee - ELWT, GAS, ENST $60/program
National Accreditation Fee - AMST 2220 $30
National Accreditation Fee - DSET 2242 $30
HVAC Certification Fee - TRNS 1112 $20
CST Exam Fee - SURT 1230 $290
Private Lessons (Voice, Piano, Instrument) $250/credit
3D Art Supply Fee - ART 1108 $50
EMT Basic Test Fee $80/course
EMT Basic Textbook from FM Ambulance $195/course
EMT Basic National Registry Fee $150/course
Emergency Responder Book FM Ambulance $210/course
Uniform Purchase-Auto $100/semester for shirts only
Uniform Rent-Diesel $185/semester
Uniform Deposit-Diesel $200/year
Uniform Fee - CVRI $90/program
Uniform Fee - DNAS,DNHY $45/program
Uniform Fee - LSR $95/program
Uniform Fee - MLT $95/program
Uniform Fee - PNSG, NURS $100/program
Uniform Fee - RADT $95/program
Uniform Fee - SURT $90/program

Paying for college: The cost

M State's Business Services wants to be as transparent as possible about the tuition and fees charged for your college experience. Information on tuition rates, general and program-related fees, fee descriptions and reciprocity are displayed below. Tuition and fee information is updated once rates have been approved by the Minnesota State Board of Trustees (usually by July 1 before the start of the fall semester).

Collection of tuition and fees

All tuition and fees not covered by financial aid are due the first day of the semester or the first day of class, unless a deferment has been made through designated personnel.

Fee explanation

Various fees will be assessed to you depending upon your enrollment status, courses attempted and services offered by the campus you attend. The following is a list of the fees that may be assessed to you. Fees unique to a program or a class offering are detailed in the course requirement list. Fees are established annually by the president. A fee schedule is available upon request from the campus business office for the current academic year.

Student activity fee*

A student activity fee is charged to you based on the number of credits for which you are registered. Activity fees are passed on to the Student Senate, which determines how the funds will be used for student activities.

Late payment fee

If you have not paid outstanding tuition not covered by financial aid by the 21st day of each semester, late payment fees will be assessed. The fee is based on the number of credits for which you are registered.

Professional liability fee

Professional liability fees will be assessed to you if you enroll in courses requiring clinical/internship experience. This fee is used to purchase professional liability insurance on your behalf.

Parking fee

You will be assessed a parking fee based on the number of credits you are registered for. Proceeds from the fee fund maintenance of college parking facilities. If you are not using the college's parking facilities, you can ask to have the fee waived. College employees also pay a parking fee.

Technology fee*

Technology fees are assessed on a/credit basis as outlined in the technology fee plan. Proceeds from this fee are used to upgrade and maintain the technical infrastructure of the college.

Test out fee

If you wish to test out of a course through credit by examination, a test out fee will be assessed, based on the lab/lecture content of the course.

Transcript fee

Official transcripts can be obtain through at a cost of $5 per transcript.

Student association fee*

You will be assessed a fee which is passed on to the Minnesota State College Student Association for college membership dues. This fee is assessed on a/credit basis.

Uniform deposit fee

This fee will be assessed if your program requires you to rent a uniform from the college. The deposit is charged to ensure all uniforms are returned to the college in the same condition they were received (less ordinary wear). The fee is refundable at the end of the year if your uniform is returned undamaged.

Uniform rental fee

This fee will be assessed to you if your program requires you to rent a uniform from the college. The fee is used to pay for the rental of the uniform.

Printing fees

At the start of each semester you will receive a $12.50 printing credit to your network account. The printing credit provides you with a limited amount of free printing by the campus networked printers. Once you have used up your $12.50 free balance, you will need to purchase additional printing at the printing kiosk machines located on each campus. Printing costs are $0.05 for black and white and $0.25 for color. Your printing balances can be viewed at any time by logging into your SpartanNet portal.

ATI fee

To improve student success, nursing faculty at M State have selected an integrated learning product from Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI). While the product is used in every course, students purchase the product through student fees attached to particular courses within each program. For further information please see the ATI Fee Assessment document.

MDH background check fee

This fee covers the cost of the required annual background study by the Minnesota Department of Human Services if you are having direct contact with individuals in licensed health care institutions.

Clinical make-up fee

This fee is allocated to assist in covering the additional cost to the college for special clinical make-ups.

NSF check fee

All check payments returned due to insufficient funds will be assessed a $15 fee.

Payment plan fee

Should you be approved for the internal payment plan option (see "Paying for College: Billing), a $20 non-refundable processing fee must be paid each semester the payment plan is utilized.

Wellness Center fee (Moorhead campus only)*

As approved by the M State Student Government Association, the Wellness Center is available to all Moorhead campus students and funded in part by this student fee.


Tuition reciprocity agreements exist between the state of Minnesota and the states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Missouri and Nebraska. If you are from one of these states or the province of Manitoba, you are permitted to pay tuition at a rate below the nonresident rate. Reciprocity application forms are available from high school counselors or from campus admissions offices.

North Dakota reciprocity information

Inclusive Access program fee

The Inclusive Access program is offered by the M State bookstores for select courses. The required materials for these courses are available to you electronically by following a link in the course's D2L Brightspace website. The cost of the course material is charged to your student account, and no purchase is necessary from the bookstores. For more information, visit the bookstore webpage at Book requirements and fee information can be found on the Class Schedules site. See the Locating course material requirements section for more information.

*Denotes mandatory fees