Academic Support

We have professional Academic Specialists on each of the four campuses, located in the campus library. Our staff is here for you! When you need someone to support your academic journey, know that our staff can assist! Whether you need assistance with library services, proctoring, tutoring, time management, organization, study tips or D2L, this team is ready to help.

The Academic Support Team





Detroit Lakes

Detroit Lakes

Doreen Hauge

Dawn Eklund

Academic Specialist

Academic Specialist

Fergus Falls

Jodi Kramer


Academic Specialist



Shaye Olson 

Mathew Zimney

Academic Specialist

Interim Academic Specialist


Diane Wuollet

Academic Specialist


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Tutoring Supports

Proctoring Services

Click here to learn more about our proctoring services, including how to book a proctoring appointment.