Proctoring Services

M State's Academic Support team offers proctoring services for students in online courses. Please carefully read the information and instructions below before scheduling your proctoring session. Proctoring sessions are offered in the library on each M State campus. Students are able to select their preferred campus and available date and time that best accommodates their schedule.

Student responsibilities

Prior to the exam:

  • Students must schedule a time to take their exam using the online webform. To schedule an exam, go to
    • Exams must be scheduled. Exams will not be proctored on a drop-in basis.
    • Exams will be proctored during designated testing times and must be completed within the established time limit.
    • If you are not able to make the scheduled exam, contact the library as soon as possible to reschedule.
  • The Academic Specialists cannot proctor exams by constantly observing students during exams. Before scheduling a proctoring session, verify that you do not need to be continuously monitored by staff.
  • Students are responsible for working with their instructors to ensure that the exam and/or login instructions arrive at the library prior to the scheduled exam time.
  • The library does not allow the installation of any software on library computers. If special software is required to complete the exam, students must use their own laptop.

At the exam:

  • Students must provide a valid photo ID for verification of identity.
  • Students are responsible for knowing how to navigate to their online exams.

Academic Specialist (Proctor) and Library responsibilities

Prior to the exam:

  • The Academic Specialist will sign a completed proctoring agreement form if requested. The student is responsible for filling out the form prior to asking for a signature.

At the exam:

  • All campus libraries are equipped with a testing room that allows multiple students to test at one time. During busy test times, the library may utilize study rooms to accommodate the high volume of testers.
  • The Academic Specialist will check the student’s identification and issue the exam by either administering a paper exam or logging in with a password.
  • The Academic Specialist will periodically observe the student as time allows and return the completed exam if necessary.

Student reminders:

  • Library hours may vary due to holidays, bad weather, staffing or absence. You can find a list of regularly scheduled hours on the M State website under Student Support >> Libraries.
  • Academic Specialists may refuse to proctor an exam that requires more time or attention than we are able to give.
  • The Academic Specialist is not responsible if the institution or library website, email or internet access is not working. In the event of a drill, the student will comply with the drill and resume testing when the drill has ended.
  • The Academic Specialist does not keep copies of completed exams.

Proctor contact information by campus

Detroit Lakes:
900 Hwy 34 East Detroit Lakes, MN 56501

Fergus Falls:
1414 College Way Fergus Falls, MN 56537

1900 28th Ave S Moorhead, MN 56560

405 Colfax Ave SW Wadena, MN 56482

CLICK HERE for specific information related to each campuses' Academic Specialist contact information and campus-specific library hours. This information may be needed for your proctoring form.