Graphic Design

Develop your creative skills in M State's Graphic Design program, where our hands-on training lets you turn your passion for design into an exciting career.


If you have a passion for design, M State offers two Graphic Design program options that will prepare you for positions in this rewarding and competitive profession: a 60-credit diploma and a 30-credit certificate.

Our diploma focuses on integrating digital technology and graphic design to create communication materials. Students develop both creatively and technically while learning skills in photography, color theory, typography, layout and design, and web and print production.

You'll have the opportunity to interact with and learn from industry professionals outside the college and to complete an internship as part of the degree program, further developing your skills in presenting ideas and concepts and preparing for an entry-level position in the graphic design industry.

The 30-credit Graphic Design certificate is designed for advanced students, students with advanced degrees or professionals already working in a creative field. The two-semester "fast-track" curriculum builds on students' existing skills and accommodates the accelerated placement goals of advanced students.

Students in both programs produce comprehensive portfolios that showcase their technical and design skills. Industry involvement includes participation in the annual American Advertising Federation competition, mock interviews, guest speakers and tours.

Here's what you will learn

  • Production of visual concepts using drawing and computer programs
  • Interpreting, speaking, writing and editing the language of advertising, graphic design, digital graphic technology and print production
  • Entry-level industry proficiency using multiple methods to produce graphic output
  • Preparation of digital files for printing
  • Understanding of offset print production
  • Application of theories of design, color and typography
  • Professional traits that benefit graphic designers
  • Production of a personal portfolio of sample work

Program requirements

Graphic Design students are required to purchase:

  • Apple Macintosh laptop (MacBook or MacBook Pro)
  • Online subscription to the Adobe Creative Suite software

Computer requirements

Many M State programs have specific computer requirements. Check here to see the requirements for this program.

Featured news

March 10, 2020
M State's Rob Johnson honored with advertising award


Michael Brunette

Michael Brunette

Graphic Design

My wife was the one who pushed me to go back to school and told me all about M State! I have been a working musician here in Fargo Moorhead and a music teacher for extra income.

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