Environmental Science

M State’s Environmental Science program provides a strong foundation for a four-year degree that prepares you for a career in an environmental field.


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M State’s Environmental Science AS degree provides a strong foundation for a four-year environmental science degree that prepares you for a career in an environmental field. The program emphasizes a broad background in the natural sciences, ensuring you are ready to continue studies at an advanced level.

Personalized instruction

The 60-credit degree is offered on our Fergus Falls and Moorhead campuses. Our small class sizes allow personalized instruction in courses including environmental science, biology, chemistry, college writing, college algebra, statistics, geography and political science.

Multiple career opportunities

Environmental scientists work in a broad range of fields, depending on their skills and area of specialty. There are career opportunities in state and federal agencies, environmental education, environmental advocacy organizations, environmental consulting firms, environmental law and the energy industry. Many career options in environmental science require a bachelor's or advanced degree, and M State's AS in Environmental Science will put you on a path to earning that degree.

You'll learn to:

  • Use the scientific method to formulate and test hypotheses through experimental design
  • Explain and apply basic principles of natural and physical sciences
  • Relate the principles of biology and chemistry to environmental systems
  • Evaluate the interrelations of human social, ethical and political issues and the natural environment
  • Apply, evaluate and synthesize laboratory techniques, field methods, data collection and data analysis

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