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PDEV1100 – College Success Seminar pdf

Credits: 2 (2/0/0)
Description: This course is designed to help first-year M State students successfully transition into college life. Topics include, but are not limited to, accessing college resources, understanding college guidelines, expectations and demands of being a college student, and community awareness. The class also will cover money management, proper nutrition and stress management. Students will participate in on-campus activities and community tours, and be exposed to expert guest speakers from the college and community. Students will set goals, examine learning styles and put in place a strategy for collegiate success.
Prerequisites: None
Corequisites: None
  1. Investigate the demands, expectations and challenges of being a college student.
  2. Develop strategies to improve time management skills.
  3. Develop strategies to effectively manage money.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of a nutritious diet.
  5. Demonstrate the abilitiy to set personal and academic goals that can be measured throughout the year.
  6. Develop knowledge of numerous learning styles and determine which learning styles are most suitable to aid in their own success.
MnTC goal areas: None

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