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CULN2222 – Supervision Lab pdf

Credits: 6 (2/4/0)
Description: This course requires application of the practical skills and principles needed to manage and oversee production in a commercial food operation. It includes application of learned skills in the areas of production, supervising, menu writing, purchasing, storeroom operation and merchandising.
Prerequisites: CULN1102
Corequisites: None
  1. Exhibit safety and sanitation standards.
  2. Exhibit teamwork and professionalism.
  3. Monitor and enforce safety and sanitation standards.
  4. Employ menu writing standards and determine recipe conversions.
  5. Research recipes and produce weekly menus within set criteria of the course.
  6. Format and distribute weekly menu for merchandising.
  7. Determine and incorporate force issue items and leftovers.
  8. Evaluate current food product levels and forecast future needs.
  9. Determine and formulate food products required for weekly menu production.
  10. Demonstrate proper receiving and storage procedures.
  11. Determine and complete daily lab production sheets.
  12. Organize and communicate daily lab production to students.
  13. Supervise lab production, applying various managerial styles and techniques.
  14. Identify, evaluate and solve lab production issues and problems.
  15. Evaluate the application of management decisions and supervisory styles.
  16. Present and discuss supervisory topics and techniques.
  17. Conduct menu planning meetings with instructors.
  18. Conduct menu planning meetings with student supervisors.
  19. Evaluate completed food product.
MnTC goal areas: None

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