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CDEV2246 – Foundations in Literacy pdf

Credits: 3 (3/0/0)
Description: This course is an overview of early language acquisition, how literacy is best developed and what activities child care providers can do to promote the foundation for literacy development.
Prerequisites: CDEV1105
Corequisites: None
  1. Formulate a better understanding of when and how literacy development occurs.
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of emerging literacy skills of children - infancy through primary grades.
  3. Plan how early learning experiences can affect literacy acquisition.
  4. Examine children's literature choices.
  5. Evaluate children's literature choices.
  6. Develop appropriate literacy learning activities for young children.
  7. Examine special language needs of children whose primary language is not English.
  8. Understand various approaches to teaching literacy.
  9. Demonstrate ability to implement multiple comprehension strategies.
  10. Demonstrate ability to read or tell stories to young children.
  11. Demonstrate ability to enhance development of cognitive skills through appropriate higher level conversations with young children.
  12. Develop skills for increasing vocabulary skills for young children.
MnTC goal areas: None

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