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BLDG1114 – Blueprint Reading I pdf

Credits: 2 (2/0/0)
Description: This course provides the student with a working knowledge of blueprints and specifications. The student gains an understanding of blueprints, then interprets and applies this knowledge to job situations.
Prerequisites: None
Corequisites: None
  1. Define and describe plot plans and floor plans
  2. Define and describe elevations
  3. Describe the archtect scale
  4. Describe symbols and abbreviations
  5. Explain the Title Block
  6. Explain how window and door details are used
  7. Describe roof construction
  8. Describe line types and use
  9. List Styles and information on roofs
  10. Define and List types of working drawings
  11. Explain Dimensioning
  12. Identify various types of windows and doors
MnTC goal areas: None

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