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ADMT2236 – Administrative Project Management pdf

Credits: 3 (2/1/0)
Description: Project management is a powerful set of tools and practices that provides a systematic approach to planning, organizing, controlling and leading a project to successful completion. This course guides students through a step-by-step process for managing projects from the initial planning stage to final completion and evaluation. Successful implementation of project management processes is dependent on developed interpersonal skills. Therefore, this course also compares and contrasts project management and self-management skills by reviewing the discipline of emotional intelligence.
Prerequisites: CPTR1104
Corequisites: None
  1. Describe the major phases of project management
  2. Demonstrate knowledge of project management terms and techniques
  3. Identify and analyze project stakeholders
  4. Analyze project initiation documentation and policies
  5. Develop a project planning schedule
  6. Contrast the four categories of emotional intelligence skills
  7. Identify strategies to strengthen emotional intelligence skills
  8. Distinguish between technical and "soft" skills
  9. Self-assess an individual emotional intelligence quotient
MnTC goal areas: None

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