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    up2U is a scholarship program that allows you to earn money for junior- and senior-year tuition at our up2U partner universities.

up2U Partnerships

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up2U Student Responsibilities to University Partners

  • Applying to university no later than the semester prior to transfer
  • Enrolling as a full-time student at an up2U partner university for the successive semester (Spring to Fall or Fall to Spring)
  • Continuously maintaining the GPA requirement set by up2U partner university
  • Communicating with the partner university about application deadlines and all other transfer processes


University Partner Responsibilities to up2U Students

  • Providing timely, accurate information about the university's up2U scholarship amounts and program eligibility/participation requirements
  • Responding to inquiries relating to transfer policies and providing assistance for seamless transfer
  • Disbursing an award at an appropriate interval during the student's first year of full-time enrollment
  • Reaching out to prospective up2U transfer students to support their transer plans and to build a positive relationship

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