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St. Cloud State University up2U Information

Participation requirements while enrolled at M State

  • Earn at least 9 credits every semester
  • Continuously maintain at least a 2.5 GPA
  • Complete an AA, AFA or AS transfer degree within three consecutive years
  • Just prior to competition at M State, take the CLA+ performance task assessment

Eligibility criteria when transferring to St. Cloud State University

  • Upon competition at M State, enroll as a full-time student for the successive semester

Participation criteria while enrolled at St. Cloud State University

  • Continuously maintain at least a 3.0 GPA during full-time enrollment


Frequently Asked Questions

How will St. Cloud State know what my scholarship is to be?

  • The up2U Program Director at M State will communicate directly with you and with St. Cloud State after your CLA+ scores are posted. St. Cloud State will award you the amount listed in the grid above. Scholarships are disbursed in equal amounts Fall and Spring Semesters of attendance.

Will there be other requirements I will have to meet at St. Cloud State?

  • Other than the GPA requirements, not at this time. St. Cloud State encourages all students to engage in volunteerism but it is not a requirement of this award. Opportunities for volunteerism and involvement are facilitated by the Department of Campus Involvement.

Is the up2U Scholarship renewable for a second year?

  • Yes, students who maintain the required GPA will automatically receive the second year disbursement.

How do I know what will transfer to St. Cloud State?

  • Transfer planning begins with you and your current advisor at M State. The Office of Admission contact listed below can provide necessary assistance. Students are encouraged to utilize to investigate how courses transfer to St. Cloud State.

Is there a contact within each School and College who can provide assistance?

  • Yes, the Student Relations Coordinators can provide you with more granular information about majors within their Colleges/Schools. They can provide you with contact information for faculty within your area of interest. A listing for Student Relations Coordinators can be found on the Transfer Admission page.

Are there other scholarships at St. Cloud State?

  • Yes, once you are admitted you should be accessing our Huskies Scholarship page to complete the necessary steps to be considered. Please note that many scholarships require you to be admitted to the major.
*Please note: Communication is the best way to ensure a smooth transfer process. Although we will make every effort to keep you informed and up to date on your transfer, we strongly encourage you to reach out to us with questions.


up2U Scholarship Award Chart


St. Cloud State University up2U Transfer Contact Information

Mike Coonen
Interim Associate Director of Admission for Operations and Transfer


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