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up2U and Universities

Research shows that 71 percent of students who complete a two-year degree and transfer to a university earn a degree within four years. up2U motivates students to complete a two-year degree, transfer to university and earn a university degree within four years.

University benefits include:

  • Increased total enrollment of transfer student population
  • Increased enrollment of highly motivated and intellectually capable transfer students
  • Increased student persistence and completion
  • Accelerated completion rates of the university degree
  • Strengthened collaboration with M State

Students who wish to participate in up2U and save on transfer tuition must:

  • Earn at least nine credits per semester at M State (excluding summer), continuously maintain GPA requirements set by up2U transfer university, and graduate within six or fewer consecutive semesters
  • Register for and attend an up2U orientation session
  • Take the CLA+ performance task assessment upon entry (at 0 credits) and during the last semester prior to transfer
  • Attend tutoring sessions to review strengths and challenges highlighted on the CLA+ formative assessments
  • Complete an AA, AFA or AS transfer degree within three years from the first semester enrolled
  • Prior to completion at M State, enroll as a full-time student at the up2U partner university for the successive semester
  • Continuously maintain the GPA requirement set by the up2U partner university

The amount of university the scholarship award is based on the student's two-year college cumulative GPA, and his or her score on the CLA+. Your university determines the amount of tuition savings based on the GPA/CLA+ scale.

Learn more about how your university can become an up2U partner institution by completing the interest form.

Last modified: September 8th, 2017 at 06:31am