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Who We Are

The M State - Moorhead Campus Office of Diversity and Inclusion coordinates programs and facilitates conversations collegewide on equity and cultural understanding among our students, faculty, staff and communities.


What We Do

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion works closely with Human Resources, the directors of Student Services, Student Life and academic deans to implement programs and policies designed to promote diversity and inclusion on our campuses. The office provides individuals with official and confidential channels of communication.



Our mission is to empower our students, faculty and staff to explore a deeper understanding of and respect for diversity in its many forms. This respect and acceptance extends to all persons regardless of sexual orientation, race, gender, socioeconomic class, age, disability, religious affiliation, political ideology, and national or regional origins.



Our vision is to cultivate diversity as an educational and institutional resource that ensures a dynamic learning and working experience for our students, faculty, staff and community.


How Can We Help You?

  • The office assists departments in identifying challenges regarding issues of diversity and inclusion and assists departments in creating and implementing initiatives to cultivate understanding on topics directly and indirectly related to diversity and inclusion.
  • We work in partnership with departments to develop hiring plans and extend pools of candidates.
  • We respond to concerns and questions about diversity at M State raised by students, faculty, staff and members of the community beyond the college.
  • We collaborate with faculty, staff and student groups to develop programs designed to cultivate an inclusive and welcoming environment across our campuses.

Who to Contact on the Moorhead Campus

Chesay Colson, Coordinator of Diversity and Inclusion/Chief Diversity Officer

Other campus offices that may be of assistance:

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