• M State’s Concurrent Enrollment Program is nationally accredited by NACEP

    This benefits more than 1,600 area high school students by giving them a head start on their college education.

  • Save Money and Earn College Credit

    Concurrent students save money and earn college credit with the convenience of staying in their high school classroom.

  • Concurrent Enrollment

    M State works with more than 35 partner high schools to provide college-level courses through the Concurrent Enrollment Program.

  • High school student benefit from taking concurrent courses

    Learn how you can save money, get college credits and experience college-level study habits while in high school.

Concurrent Enrollment Program

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M State Concurrent Enrollment Program (CEP)

M State collaborates with more than 40 partner high schools across Minnesota to offer college-level classes, all taught in high school classrooms by qualified high school teachers.

Student benefits of taking concurrent courses include:

  • Earn college credit
  • Save money
  • Get the college experience in a high school setting
  • Develop college-level study habits and time-management skills
  • Experience college expectations and academic rigor
  • Save time and gain flexibility in college by completing credits in high school
  • Build confidence in the ability to succeed in college

Concurrent enrollment course offerings span the academic disciplines and include 23 Minnesota Transfer Curriculum options in biology, chemistry, communications, English, history, math, physics, political science, psychology, sociology and Spanish. Technical course options include accounting, administrative support, management information systems and professional development. Visit the Concurrent Courses web page for a list of common concurrent courses and course outlines.

Faculty mentors take great pride in developing collaborative relationships with high school concurrent enrollment instructors to provide eligible high school students with a college experience that engages them and encourages them to persist in taking rigorous coursework throughout their high school and college years.

M State works closely with our partner high schools to provide a high level of service in the areas of faculty mentoring, student admission, registration and transcript processing.

For more information about concurrent enrollment, contact:

Megan Adamczyk, K12 Collaboration Manager