CEP Team

Concurrent enrollment team

The M State concurrent enrollment team is committed to serving all of the program's stakeholders with integrity and respect. We value our partnerships with high schools and serving students together.

Megan Adamczyk

Director of Dual Enrollment and K12 Partnerships

Megan Adamczyk



Megan manages all of M State's K12 programs, including the Concurrent Enrollment Program and eCampus in the High School (eCHS). Megan is the point of contact for day-to-day operations.

Erin Warren

Associate Director of Dual Enrollment

Erin Warren



Erin assists high school partners in all steps of the student life cycle: admissions (including waivers and appeals), registration, academic, career and transfer advising. Erin also guides and advances processes such as course confirmations, course registrations, instructor application and onboarding and all special events. 


Kari K

K12 Partnerships Liaison

Kari Klettke



Kari's main focus is to develop and grow meaningful career and technical (CTE) experiences and pathways for high schools students that crosswalk to M State's academic programs.


Krista Shaikoski

Associate Registrar

Krista Price



Krista is M State's associate registrar that assists in registration and grades for K12 programs.