eCampus in the High School

eCampus in the High School

eCampus in the High School (eCHS) provides partner high schools and their students with access to online college-level courses in several goal areas of the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum and technical course options. Through eCHS, students have the opportunity to remain in their high school setting while taking online college courses that provide rich content and experience with a method of learning they will surely encounter as they continue their education and career aspirations.

eCHS offers challenging, engaging courses to eligible high school students throughout Minnesota. The program provides unique features, including college transcription, student achievement data, on-site key contacts at each high school, a user-friendly application and registration process, student advising and a non-credit workshop called Brighten Your Path. Direct student and high school support is available by phone and email. The program is a partnership with participating high schools, Lakes Country Service Cooperative and M State.

eCHS Courses

For more information, contact Megan Adamczyk, Director of Dual Enrollment and Academic Success, at or 218.846.3867.

eCampus in the High School Update

With our new process, you must now fill out the eCHS Registration Request Form for each course you plan to offer your students and send it to

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Student eligibility requirements

High school juniors and seniors are eligible to apply for eCHS.

Required GPA: Juniors 3.2 and Seniors 2.8

Students also have the option to complete M State's College Readiness Self Assessment to learn more about college expectations and do a self-inventory on skills required to be successful in college courses.


  • October 1 - Begin application process for spring semester
  • October 15 - Begin submitting course registrations for spring semester
  • December 1 - Begin application  process for fall semester
  • February 15 - Begin submitting course registrations for fall semester

Students who need testing to meet the eligibility requirements are strongly encouraged to do so by these dates.

We encourage early registration for the interests of all parties involved.

Dropping a Course

If a student wants to drop a course (drop without a W on their transcript), the high school must notify the program by email at by 11:59 p.m. on the 2nd day of the class for fall and by the 5th day for spring classes.

Please note, the student drop/add date is later than the date when school districts become financially responsible to pay for a registered seat.

How are eCHS courses delivered?

The eCHS courses are delivered online to participating high school students by M State instructors. Daily, reliable internet access is required. A PC computer format is preferred. Courses are delivered through D2L Brightspace and are conducted in an asynchronous format.

What are the special features of eCHS?

Special program features include online delivery of college courses to high school students in their high school setting, contracted tuition, college and high school transcripts, online orientation, online tutoring, a designated key contact at each high school, access to a college academic advisor, and a seamless, customized application and registration process. These features allow for the offering of technical education courses and general education courses in the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC).

What courses are available through eCHS?

Visit M State's Class Schedules webpage. Uncheck all campuses except 'online', select the term, set results per page to 'all' and apply the filter for a list of M State's online courses. To narrow the search by goal area or subject, select 'show advanced' filters.

Note: Please pay close attention to the start dates as some courses begin in August, and others begin in September.

What are the responsibilities of the high school with students participating in eCHS?

The responsibilities of participating high schools include:

  • Initiate and complete the application for admission, Accuplacer assessment and registration of participating students
  • Provide enrolled students with an instructional period with access to a networked computer
  • Provide a key contact person, payment of tuition, and the purchase and provision of course required books and/or resources
What is the cost of an eCHS course?

Tuition is set at $160 per credit.

  • 2-credit course will cost $320 per student
  • 3-credit course will cost $480 per student
  • 4-credit course will cost $640 per student

Textbook costs are additional, and school districts are responsible for those costs.


How do students apply and register for eCHS?

When high schools are ready for students to apply, contact us at or Erin Warren at 218-736-1569 to begin the process with your school. eCHS requires a one-page application process for all students. Students will not have to apply to eCHS again if they are in the M State system though concurrent enrollment. M State will complete all of the registration processing for the high schools.

What students typically fit well with eCHS?

Online courses can be a good fit for many students. Successful online students typically are self-motivated, responsible, comfortable adhering to facility-driven deadlines, committed to spending hours outside of school on their online courses, interested in using technology as a learning tool, and able to manage their time effectively. Students must be prepared to devote adequate study/course work time outside of their high school day. Students who prefer face-to-face interaction and/or do not like using technology as a tool in the learning process do not typically present a good fit for online courses.

How can I help my school get started with eCHS?

eCHS has a streamlined assessment, application and registration process. To start the process for your students, email or call Erin Warren, Dual Enrollment Coordinator, at 218-736-1569.

Who do I contact if students need help activating their StarID?

Call 877.450.3322, or chat with an M State Solution Center specialist. 

Academic progress

The college evaluates student satisfactory academic progress after each term. If a student has not met either the college's GPA or completion percentage standard, the student will be placed on warning status for one evaluation period.

GPA Minimum Requirements:

  • 0-5 credits - 0.00
  • 6-23 credits - 1.75
  • 24 or more credits - 2.00

Minimum Required Completion:

  • 0-5 credits - 0 percent
  • 6-23 credits - 58 percent
  • 24 or more credits - 66.6 percent

Students on warning status are eligible to continue taking concurrent courses. If at the end of the warning period the student meets both the cumulative GPA and completion percentage, the warning status is ended and the student is returned to good standing. If at the end of the warning period a student has not met the requirements, the student shall be suspended and not able to register for one semester unless he or she appeals the suspension. Students on probation will need to achieve a minimum term GPA of 2.15 and a 75% completion rate to continue on probation status. More information can be found in the Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy. Please note that a student's academic standing at M State is in effect at all colleges and universities in the Minnesota State system.