Who is eligible to apply?

Senior students must have a 2.8 GPA, and junior students must have a 3.2 GPA to be eligible to apply to the Concurrent Enrollment Program.

Application and assessment testing

We want students to be successful in the classroom, and the Accuplacer assessment and ACT allow us to place students in appropriate-level coursework. Every student who would like to enroll in a concurrent course must complete the Accuplacer unless he or she has a qualifying ACT or MCA score. The Accuplacer is a web-based assessment that evaluates academic abilities in reading, writing and mathematics. It is not a pass/fail test and does not have a time limit.

Accuplacer, ACT and MCA score requirements

Accuplacer Next-Gen Reading - 250 or higher

ACT Reading - 21 or higher

ACT English - 18 or higher

MCA Reading - 1047 or higher

Accuplacer Next-Gen Math- varies based on course: see cut score guide

MCA Math - 1158 or higher (College Algebra)

*Math scores vary based on the math course prerequisites.

Application and testing forms and resources
Accuplacer resources
Application and Accuplacer process
  1. Students fill out the Student Application and Request to Test Form
  2. Completed forms are scanned or faxed to M State with each student's high school transcript
  3. You will receive a spreadsheet back in approximately one week with student IDs and testing instructions
  4. Students take the test online. The test can take up to two hours to complete
  5. After testing is completed, counselors print score reports and keep for their records

To schedule Accuplacer testing for your students, contact Erin Warren at 218.736.1569 or

Registration process
  1. Students complete the application and Accuplacer process (listed above)
  2. The high school's point of contact/counselor confirms CEP courses for the upcoming term and registration forms are sent via email (refer to the CEP Process Timeline for dates)
  3. The high school's point of contact/counselor lists eligible students on the registration request form (must use M State's forms) and submits it to the college's associate registrar
  4. The associate registrar verifies student eligibility and officially registers students
  5. The high school's point of contact/counselor is mailed official class lists to review for accuracy and must contact the associate registrar with any changes. If a student is not on the official class list after the drop/add deadline, they will not receive credit for the course. Concurrent instructors should also check class lists for accuracy via D2L Brightspace.

Note: Class sizes cannot exceed the course cap due to faculty contractual rules that the college must follow. If the number of students is too large to fit in one class, another section will be added.

Counselor forms and resources

Academic progress

The college evaluates student satisfactory academic progress after each term. If a student has not met either the college's GPA or completion percentage standard, the student will be placed on warning status for one evaluation period.

GPA Minimum Requirements:

  • 0-5 credits - 0.00
  • 6-23 credits - 1.75
  • 24 or more credits - 2.00

Minimum Required Completion:

  • 0-5 credits - 0 percent
  • 6-23 credits - 58 percent
  • 24 or more credits - 66.6 percent

Students on warning status are eligible to continue taking concurrent courses. If at the end of the warning period the student meets both the cumulative GPA and completion percentage, the warning status is ended and the student is returned to good standing. If at the end of the warning period a student has not met the requirements, the student shall be suspended and not able to register for one calendar year unless he or she appeals the suspension. Click here to find out more in the student handbook. Please note that a student's academic standing at M State is in effect at all colleges and universities in the Minnesota State system.

Transcript requests

How to request transcripts to a college or university not in the Minnesota State system

Go to the M State forms page and click on "Transcript Request" under the "Graduation and Transfer" heading. Requests will be processed within 72 hours.

How to request transcripts to a college or university within the Minnesota State system

If applying to another institution within the Minnesota State system, students do NOT need to request a transcript online because the college or university will have access to their Minnesota State eTranscript.

Counselor responsibilities

Every district must assign a point of contact for their school, which can be a counselor, instructor or administrator. The designated contact is vital to the program's success and serves as the key connection between the high school students, high school instructors and M State.

The high school key contact will:

  • Assist students in registration, testing, appeals, etc.
  • Follow M State's concurrent enrollment process timeline, which can be found at
  • Confirm courses every term
  • Submit appeals
  • Submit waiver requests for 9th and 10th grade students and 50 percent course enrollment
  • Review class list(s) for accuracy and communicate any student drop, add and withdrawals
  • Distribute class lists to instructors for final grade entry and follow up to ensure class lists are submitted to M State's registrar by the deadline (see page 5)
  • Share information and program updates with CEP instructors
  • Communicate and respond in a timely manner
  • Be educated on FERPA laws and collect and store Release of Information Forms
  • Coordinate visits with CEP staff for concurrent enrollment presentations to high school students, parents, instructors, counselors and administration
  • Collect and store Student Rights and Responsibilities (optional)

Please refer to the M State CEP Handbook for more details on forms and processes.