CEP process timeline

*REVISED* Concurrent Enrollment Timeline

March 15 - Fall course confirmations due

April 1-15 - Registration forms emailed to high schools

May 15 - Registration forms (“class lists”) due back to M State

May 15 - June 1 - Class lists for spring grades sent to high schools

June 15 - Spring semester grades due back to M State

Oct 15 - Spring course confirmations due

Nov 15 - Registration forms emailed to high schools

Dec 15 - Registration forms (“class lists”) due back to M State

Jan 1 - Class lists for fall grades sent to high schools

Feb 1 - Fall semester grades due back to M State


Dropping a course

A student must drop a class within the first seven class days of a semester to avoid receiving a "W" (withdraw) on their permanent transcript. No entry will be made on the student's academic record if a course is dropped within the first seven days of a semester.

Adding a course

A student has the first seven class days of a semester to add a concurrent course, if they have been accepted into the program prior to the start of classes and meet eligibility requirements.


A student must withdraw from a course no later than the date on which 80 percent of the days in the academic semester have elapsed. A full-semester course dropped after seven days and before 80 percent of the semester has elapsed will appear on the student's record as a withdraw. "W" grades are not calculated into a student's GPA but will impact a student's percentage of completion/academic progress. Should the student withdraw after 80 percent of the course has elapsed, a letter grade "F" will appear on the student's permanent transcript.

2023-2024 withdraw deadlines

Nov. 14 - 1st Trimester courses

Dec. 12 - Fall semester courses

Feb. 9 - 2nd Trimester courses

March 15 - Year-long courses

May 3 - Spring semester and 3rd Trimester courses

M State CEP registration process

  1. High school student applies to M State's Concurrent Enrollment Program on the CEP Student Application.
  2. Student takes the Accuplacer assessment test or counselor submits proof of eligible ACT scores.
  3. M State's CEP staff sends high school counselor a spreadsheet of eligible and ineligible students.
  4. Once the high school has confirmed their CEP courses, a class list registration form is emailed to the counselor.
  5. The high school counselor lists eligible students on the registration form (must use M State's forms) and submits it to M State's associate registrar. The associate registrar verifies student eligibility and officially registers students in CEP courses.
  6. Counselors are mailed official class lists to review for accuracy and must contact the associate registrar with any changes. If a student is not on the official class list after the drop/add deadline, they will not receive credit for the course. Concurrent instructors should also check class lists for accuracy via D2L Brightspace.

Class sizes cannot exceed the course cap due to faculty contractual rules that the college must follow. If the number of students is too large to fit in one class, another section will be added. Specific course prerequisites can be found in the M State course outlines.

If a student's record has been impacted due to a late registration/withdraw, for a reason outside of their control, a high school can choose to complete a CEP Academic Level 1 Appeal for consideration.