Autism Spectrum Disorder

M State's online Autism Spectrum Disorder certificate will prepare you to better understand ASD and work with and serve individuals diagnosed with this condition.

M State’s Autism Spectrum Disorder certificate provides a foundation for understanding the characteristics associated with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Coursework centers on current research and applied theory related to the communication and developmental needs of individuals with ASD, as well as behavior and intervention strategies for serving those with ASD.

This 16-credit certificate, offered online, is designed as a supplemental program to increase knowledge and awareness to better work with and serve individuals with ASD. The ASD program is offered entirely online and provides an opportunity for formal recognition in completing coursework specifically focused on ASD. This certificate does not lead to teacher licensure.

The ASD certificate program may benefit:

  • Students enrolled in a human service, health care or education-related program
  • Staff at public and private schools and social service agencies
  • Child care workers
  • Direct support professionals and others working with children in home, school and community settings
  • Family members caring for individuals diagnosed with ASD
  • Individuals interested in learning more about ASD

Here is what you'll learn

  • A general understanding of the history, characteristics and assessment of ASD
  • Current research related to neurodevelopmental issues in autism
  • The diagnostic criteria used to identify children with ASD
  • Collaborative and interdisciplinary models of service delivery
  • Family-centered and culturally competent approaches to assessment and intervention
  • Commonly used evidence-based and research-focused intervention strategies
  • Design, development and use of technology that benefits people with disabilities
  • Principles and procedures used to understand and change the environment and behaviors of individuals including those identified with ASD
  • In-depth study of current issues surrounding ASD

What students are saying

"I am currently a special education paraprofessional at an elementary school in Fargo, working with students with autism. I think the program could help me professionally because, working with children with ASD, there is not a lot of background information for us to learn about. I learned first-hand through experience, by working with the kids. I think my experience and earning the ASD certificate will help me be a better paraprofessional because I will have the knowledge to improve my performance working with these students, and I feel I could help them so much more."

Brittney Smith
Elementary school paraprofessional and ASD student