Autism Spectrum Disorder

Certificate - 16 credits

About this program
This certificate provides the learner with basic knowledge for understanding the characteristics associated with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Coursework centers on current research and applied theory relevant to the specific communication and developmental needs of individuals with ASD, as well as behavior and intervention strategies for serving this population. These opportunities are appropriate for entry-level workers and others caring for individuals with ASD, as well as students interested in learning about ASD. This certificate does not lead to teacher licensure.
Program outcomes
  1. Learners will gain a general understanding of the history, etiology, characteristics and assessment of autism spectrum disorder (ASD).
  2. Learners will explore current research regarding neurodevelopmental issues in autism.
  3. Learners will understand the diagnostic criteria used to identify children with ASD.
  4. Learners will examine collaborative and interdisciplinary models of service delivery.
  5. Learners will explore family-centered and culturally competent approaches to assessment and intervention.
  6. Learners will demonstrate an understanding of evidence-based research that is focused on intervention strategies.
  7. Learners will identify and describe collaborative approaches for working with individuals diagnosed with ASD.
  8. Learners will identify evidence-based and research-focused intervention strategies commonly implemented when serving individuals with ASD.
  9. Learners will explore the design, development and use of technology that benefits people with disabilities.
  10. Learners will examine and apply the principles and procedures of applied behavior analysis.
  11. Learners will complete an in-depth study of current issues surrounding ASD.
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Curriculum overview

Credits Requirement type
12 Required courses
4 Restricted electives in courses
16 Total

Autism Spectrum Disorder - Certificate

Required Courses:

Course Credits
CPTR1103 - Introduction to Assistive Technology 3
PSYC1202 - Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders 3
PSYC2226 - Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis 3
PSYC2236 - Special Topics for Autism Spectrum Disorder 3

4 credits from one or more of these courses:

Course Credits
ED2233 - Strategies for Working With Individuals With Autism Spectrum Disorder 4
PSYC2233 - Strategies for Working With Individuals With Autism Spectrum Disorder 4

Additional Requirements:

0 Students must earn a grade of 'C' or better in all program courses to graduate with the ASD certificate