Policies and procedures

M State policies and procedures guide and influence decision-making, support the college’s mission and ensure compliance with Minnesota State Board policies and system procedures, state statutes and other state and national regulations. Clearly articulated policies and procedures provide a framework that promotes efficacy and fosters fair and ethical actions for all stakeholders.

Title Category
Assessment of Student Learning Procedure Educational
Academic Advising Policy Educational
Academic and Student Services Appeals Policy Educational
Academic and Student Services Appeals Procedure Student policies
Academic Forgiveness Policy Educational
Academic Forgiveness Procedure Educational
Academic Honesty and Integrity Policy Educational
Academic Honesty and Integrity Procedure Educational
Academic Honors Policy Educational
Academic Honors Procedure Educational
Acceptable Employee Use of College Email Policy Technology
Acceptable Use of Computers and Information Technology Resources Policy Technology
Access and Accommodation for Individuals with Disabilities Policy College Organization and Administrative
Accidents Policy Facilities
Administrative Grant Allowance Policy College Organization and Administrative
Admission to Selective Admission Program Policy Educational
Affirmative Action Policy College Organization and Administrative
Alcohol and Drug Free Environment Policy College Organization and Administrative
Animals on Campus Policy Facilities
Approved Absences Policy Educational
Asbestos Management Policy Facilities
Assessment for Course Placement Policy Educational
Assessment of Student Learning Policy Educational
Auditing Courses Policy Educational
Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Policy Facilities
Bookstore Return Policy Student policies
Bystander Intervention Amnesty Policy Student policies
Campus Student Associations Policy Student policies
Captioned Media Policy Technology
Career Information Policy Educational
Career Placement Policy Educational
Cell Phone Policy Educational
Change in Student Record Policy Student policies
Check Acceptance Policy Finance
Children and Dependents on Campus Policy Human resources
Classroom and College Sponsored Activity Travel Policy Educational
College Admission Policy Educational
College Advancement Policy Finance
College Web Content Placement Policy Technology
Communicable Diseases Policy Facilities
Communication of Suspended Program/Major Policy Educational
Communications and Marketing Policy Communications and marketing
Computer Setup Policy Technology
Computer Setup Procedure Technology
Confidentiality of Student Records Policy Student policies
Confined Space Safety Policy Facilities
Consumer Information Policy Educational
Control of Hazardous Energy Sources (Lockout/Tagout) Policy Facilities
Course Cap Identification/ Revision Policy Educational
Course Cap Policy Educational