Assessment for Course Placement Policy

Vice President of Student Affairs
Effective date
March 28, 2013
Last content update
March 28, 2013


To comply with the system Assessment for Course Placement Policy. To help students prepare for the content and rigor associated with college-level work.


Minnesota State Community and Technical College follows the Minnesota State system Board Policy Assessment for Course Placement 3.3 and Assessment for Course Placement Procedure 3.3.1.

Students in degree and diploma programs

Students seeking a degree or diploma must assess at a college-level score in reading and mathematics, unless their program requirements indicate otherwise. The College uses the system-endorsed assessment tool and assessment cut scores. Students who do not assess at a college level will be required to take the appropriate developmental courses to demonstrate their readiness for college-level courses.

Students in certificate programs

Students in certificate programs shall meet the skill needs required for workforce readiness. These skills are integrated into the curriculum. Students in certificate programs will not be required to complete developmental course work unless a program specifies they must do so.

Enrollment in development courses

The College strongly advises students to complete developmental courses during their first two terms of enrollment.

Assessment preparation tips for students

Prior to taking the system-endorsed assessment tool, the College strongly encourages students to take full advantage of practice tests and other resources that may help to support their performance on the assessment. Academic advisors and other Student Services staff members are available to assist students with test-taking tips and strategies.


M State recognizes the recommendation from MnSCU that students may retest only one time during the period in which their scores are valid. In certain circumstances, to be determined by the campus testing coordinator, it may be necessary or prudent to allow a student to retest within that time frame. Students should be allowed to retest as necessary, but no more than 1 test per calendar month.

Fees for retesting will be collected by the campus bookstores at a rate of $10 per retest.

Students who do not need to assess

The following students meet the requirements of the Assessment for Course Placement policy and shall not be required to assess:

  • Students who have completed a bachelor’s degree at an accredited college or university.
  • Students who have completed a college-level mathematics or a college-level English course or equivalent.
  • Students who present equivalent scores on a comparable assessment instrument, such as the SAT.
  • Students who obtain an ACT Reading subject area test score of 21 or higher. (A student who presents a reading subject area score of 21 or higher shall be placed in courses that designate college-level reading as a prerequisite.)
  • Students who obtain an ACT English subject area test score of 18 or higher. (A student who presents an English subject area score of 18 or higher shall be placed in courses that designate college-level writing skills as a prerequisite.)
  • Students who obtain an ACT Math score of 22 or higher. (A student who presents a mathematics subject area score of 22 or higher shall be placed into College Algebra.)
  • Students who enroll in courses designed as hour-based training or continuing education.


Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs/Deans

Establish processes to ensure compliance with system-level policy.

Advisory Committee (if applicable)

Provide input on policy.

Faculty and Staff

Advise students to complete developmental coursework to support student success. Assist students with assessment preparation tips, strategies and resources.

Associated Policies and Procedures

Minnesota State system Board Policy Assessment for Course Placement 3.3

Minnesota State system Board Procedure Assessment for Course Placement 3.3.1

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