Assessment of Student Learning Procedure

Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness and Technology Solutions
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March 6, 2023
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March 6, 2023


The purpose of this procedure is to articulate the process by which faculty collect, review, reflect and act upon the results of student learning assessments.



Academic unit that leads to an academic credential.


Academic unit that does not lead to a specific academic credential, but courses apply to the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum.


  1. Program/discipline faculty create an assessment plan and enter it into the assessment software. The assessment team provides support on the creation of the plan and usage of the assessment software.
  2. Annually, program faculty collect data according to the assessment plan schedule and enter it into the assessment software.
  3. Program/discipline faculty discuss the results of the assessment and complete narrative sections within the assessment software.
  4. For any assessment where student learning does not meet expectations, faculty develop an action plan to address the gap in student learning.
  5. During the subsequent year, action plans are assessed in addition to any outcomes listed on the assessment plan.
  6. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness, deans, and the assessment team review assessment results and provide support as needed.
  7. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness aggregates data to analyze institutional learning outcomes.


Assessment Team

  • Provide input on the assessment processes for the College.
  • Collaborate with the Institutional Effectiveness Office to ensures HLC assessment expectations are guiding assessment work.
  • Seek feedback from other committees and stakeholder groups on assessment processes and provide assessment-related updates.
  • Support faculty through peer mentoring and professional development opportunities.
  • Develop, update and connect faculty to assessment resources (e.g. Assessment Handbook).
  • Establish timelines to ensure assessment plans are prepared and data is entered according to a schedule that allows for action plans to be acted on in meaningful ways.
  • Assist faculty with the assessment software and provide input on functionality to the Institutional Effectiveness Office.
  • Support faculty with turning data into meaningful action plans.
  • Help faculty negotiate with administration for resources needed to realize the outcomes suggested by completed action plans.
  • Engage in the Institutional Learning Outcome review process.
  • Participate in external assessment professional development opportunities to broaden knowledge of assessment and good practices (e.g. HLC, IUPUI, Minnesota State system sponsored events, etc.).


  • Collect student learning data every year, share results with appropriate groups, implement needed changes to courses or programs and report findings in the assessment software.
  • Follow the assessment timeline.
  • Update assessment plans as needed in the assessment software.
  • Reach out to members of the Assessment Team with questions or for assistance with the assessment process.

Technical Program Advisory Committee

  • Review assessment data at fall meetings and, based on the findings, recommend curriculum adjustments to program faculty.

Institutional Effectiveness Office

  • Report institutional data.
  • Oversee the College’s assessment process and applicable software, forms, resources, etc.
  • Recommend improvements within the context of the Higher Learning Commission’s criteria for accreditation.

Academic Deans

  • Ensure assessment plans and associated data are complete and entered by the due dates established by the assessment team.
  • Review assessment plans, data and action plans to ensure they are complete and follow guidelines laid out in the Assessment Handbook.
  • Encourage faculty to visit with members of the Assessment Team if concerns arise that go beyond the minimum requirements.

Supporting References

Higher Learning Commission Criteria for Accreditation, Criteria 3, 4, 5

Associated Policies and Procedures

Minnesota State Community and Technical College Assessment of Student Learning Policy

Minnesota State Community and Technical College Program Review Policy

Minnesota State system Board Policy 3.36 Academic Programs


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