Asbestos Management Policy

Vice President of Finance and Facilities
Effective date
January 2, 2020
Last content update
January 2, 2020


The purpose of this policy is to protect the health of all employees, contractors, students and visitors by managing asbestos-containing building materials (ACBM) in ways that do not allow the uncontrolled release of asbestos fibers into the environment.


It is the policy of Minnesota State Community and Technical College to manage all asbestos-containing building materials in accordance with all applicable provisions of law.


Campus Officer
  • Ensures policy is implemented and responsibilities are delegated
Facilities Services Supervisors/Building Maintenance Foreman
  • Ensure inspections of building materials are completed by Minnesota-licensed asbestos inspectors. Maintain all inspection results.
  • Ensure known ACBM is maintained in good condition.
  • Initiate abatement procedures in accordance with Minnesota rules if ACBM is required to be renovated or removed.
  • Ensure maintenance and repair staff receives asbestos-awareness training annually.
  • Notify contractors and other short-term workers (plumbers, electricians, etc.) of the presence of ACBM.
Maintenance and Repair Workers
  • Attend annual asbestos-awareness refresher training.
  • Do not disturb any known ACBM in the course of work.
  • Do not clean any damaged known ACBM.
  • Do not disturb any building material without evidence that it does not contain asbestos.
  • Notify the Facilities Services Supervisor/Building Maintenance Forman of any damaged ACBM immediately.


29 CFR 1910. 1001

29 CFR 1926.1101

40 CFR 61

Minnesota Statues 326.70-326.81

Minnesota Statues Rules Chapter 4620

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