Academic Honesty and Integrity Procedure

Vice President of Academic Affairs
Effective date
May 14, 2021
Last content update
February 24, 2023


To ensure academic honesty and integrity in the classroom, regardless of modality.


1. When a student violates the College’s Academic Honesty and Integrity Policy, the instructor reports the violation using the online form linked to the Academic Honesty and Integrity Violation portlet in the Employee Portal. All incidents must be reported, including those resolved between the instructor and student, or if the violation results in a failing grade.

2. Reports will be routed to the appropriate school dean for review upon submission.

3. If the instructor determines the consequence of the violation is a failing grade, they will enter the failing grade or contact the Registrar’s Office for assistance.

4. If the instructor, dean or any other person feels the seriousness of the offense warrants additional action, the incident may also be referred to the College’s Student Conduct process.

5. At the completion of each term, Academic Affairs will review all submissions to identify any trends and students with repeat offenses. Repeat offenses and trends may result in referral to the Student Conduct process.



    Determine when an Academic Honesty and Integrity Policy violation has occurred and complete the form in the Employee Portal to report the incident and resulting consequence.

    Academic Deans

    Review violation reports as they are received and follow up with the instructor if necessary.

    Associate Registrar

    If assistance is requested by the instructor, the associate registrar will enter the failing grade for the appropriate course. 

    Dean of Students

    If warranted, will work in conjunction with the school dean to identify if further sanctions are warranted.

    Vice President of Academic Affairs

    Review all submissions at the completion of each term with the deans to identify trends and students with repeat offenses. If necessary due to an increased number of submissions and/or level of severity of the overall violations, the Vice President of Academic Affairs will determine a course of action to inform faculty and determine if additional measures need to be taken.

    Associated Policies and Procedures

    Minnesota State Community and Technical College Academic Honesty and Integrity Policy 

    Minnesota State system Board Policy 3.6 Student Conduct

    Minnesota State system Procedure 3.6.1 Student Conduct


    Next scheduled review
    Policy author(s)
    Dr. Matthew J. Borcherding


    DateDescription of Change

    Updated the procedure to reflect the current process of submitting notification of all violations (not just those resulting in a failing grade) using the online form linked in M State's Employee Portal.