College Advancement Policy

Vice President of Finance and Facilities
Effective date
March 1, 2005
Last content update
March 1, 2005


The College may apply for, receive and accept funding from alternative sources consistent with our mission. Faculty and staff are encouraged to creatively pursue funding from outside sources for new initiatives and existing programs. The College Advancement Office exists to assist in seeking funding from other sources, to accurately record and report external support to the Minnesota State system, and to help identify when it is in the best interest of the College to coordinate fund raising through the Foundations.


This policy is intended to assist divisions or departments within the College to plan and execute strategies to attract outside funding to support the College’s mission. Minnesota State Community and Technical College will ensure the proper management and accounting of all external funds/gifts to comply with all legal requirements, guiding rules and regulations. To be acceptable, a gift or grant must satisfy the following criteria as set by the College:

  • Has a purpose consistent with the mission of the College.
  • Provides adequate administrative costs to cover the use of College resources (e.g., staffing, equipment, supplies, etc.).
  • Begins programs that the College will sustain when gift or grant funds are exhausted (if appropriate).
  • Will be guided by an agreement that articulates any donor restrictions or College requirements and that honors donor intent.
  • Will not imply the endorsement of any business or product.
  • Supports College policy and public law.
  • Becomes property of the College, an individual College campus or the Foundation that serves the intended College campus.
  • Will be acknowledged appropriately by the President, Campus Designee and Advancement Office.


M State President
  • Assist campuses with strategic planning that includes pursuing alternative funds and resources.
  • Authorize by signature or delegate the authority to sign any request for external funding.
  • Accept and acknowledge all gifts and grants.
  • Report all gifts and grants in the appropriate format to the Office of the Chancellor.
College Advancement Staff
  • Assist campuses in developing and pursuing fund raising strategies unique to individual campus needs and cultures.
  • Provide team leadership for development staff and Foundation volunteers.
  • Assist the President, Campus Designee and development staff in requests, acceptance, acknowledgement and reporting of all gifts and grants.
  • Arrange for necessary accounts and establish checkpoints throughout the granting period.
Campus Designee
  • Assist divisions or departments to plan new programs and initiatives, and identify opportunities for outside funding partners.
  • Provide leadership to development staff serving their campus.
  • Identify fundraising niches unique to their campus.
  • Work with project initiators/directors, the campus business office and the advancement office to review the project purposes and budget, including terms and requirements of the funder and Minnesota State system.
  • Approve expenditures.
  • Coordinate appropriate public relations with marketing staff.
Development Services Office
  • Record all gifts and grants to the college business managers and to campus Foundations.
  • Provide database services for the solicitation and tracking of gift activity.
  • Keep all financial records and provide gift and investment reports.
  • Report annually to the Office of the Chancellor on the nature and amount of all gifts and grants accepted (Foundation and College gifts).
  • Assist in the allocation of funds (e.g., scholarship awards).
  • Serve as the College clearinghouse for development activity; coordinate all College and Foundation requests for funding.
  • Maintain copies and records of requests for funding and prospect/donor correspondence.
  • Assist with alumni relations initiatives.
Director of Student Life and Student Activities
  • Coordinate and approve student-initiated fund raising.
College Divisions or Departments
  • Contact the Campus Designee to plan new programs and initiatives, and identify opportunities for outside funding partners.
Campus Business Office(s)

Record all gifts and grants to the College in the Minnesota State system financial system.


10010-2-01 Advancement Process
10010-3-01 Advancement Procedure - Gift solicitation for programs, activities, events and student initiated fundraisers
10010-3-02 Advancement Procedure - Campus Foundations
10010-3-03 Advancement Procedure - Gifts of real property and equipment or 7300-02-04 Fixed Asset Gift Grant Acceptance
10010-3-04 Advancement Procedure - Grant writing
10010-3-05 Advancement Procedure - Alumni Relations
10010-3-06 Advancement Procedure - Gambling

Minnesota Statute 136F.46
Minnesota Statute 136F.80
Minnesota Statute 136F.81

Office of the Chancellor Guidelines for Obtaining External Funding

Campus Foundation References

Contract Between M State campus and Campus Foundation
Foundation Articles of Incorporation
Foundation Bylaws
Foundation Annual Budgets
Foundation Investment Policies
Foundation Federal Documents: 501 c 3 Letter, Annual 990
Foundation State of Minnesota Documents: Annual Registrations with the Secretary of State and the Attorney General

Related Policies and Procedures

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