Academic Forgiveness Procedure

Vice President of Student Affairs
Effective date
March 1, 2005
Last content update
June 13, 2014


To allow students the ability to establish a successful academic record at Minnesota State Community and Technical College.


1. Student completes and submits the online Academic Forgiveness Form found at

2. The student's home campus associate registrar reviews the transcript to determine if the student has met eligibility requirements.*

3. If approved, the associate registrar processes the academic forgiveness.

4. The associate registrar communicates the decision with the student.

        4.1 If approved, the associate registrar will send a revised transcript to the student.

        4.2 If it is not approved, the associate registrar will send a letter with policy and an explanation.

5. The associate registrar works with the transfer/DARS specialist to update DARS.

*Grades of FW issued in spring 2011, summer 2011 and fall 2011 are treated like F letter grades and are eligible for academic forgiveness. During these three semesters the FW was used in calculating the student’s term and cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA).

FWs issued beginning in the spring of 2012 and forward are not eligible for academic forgiveness as they are not calculated in the term or cumulative GPA.

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