Cost Center Procedure

Vice President of Finance and Facilities
Effective date
December 26, 2023
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December 26, 2023


To provide instruction for requesting new cost center(s) and/or adjustments to existing cost centers collegewide and to ensure consistency with the cost center process.



Complete the Cost Center Template Request form for new cost center requests or submit in writing request to change cost center(s).

Operations Accounting Manager

Complete requests as they are received in a timely manner. Document requests as they are received.


1. Written request for a new cost center is submitted by completing the ‘New Cost Center Request Template’, located on the Finance and Facilities SharePoint website under documents, business services, budgeting and accounting, and send via email to the Operations Accounting Manager. If a cost center adjustment is requested, send this in writing to the Operations Accounting Manager.

2. The Operations Accounting Manager will complete the request in a timely manner and no later than three business days, and will alert the requestor of completion. Instructions for creating new cost center(s) include:

  • Create a General Ledger and/or Grant ID (if either are needed), this will be completed first.
  • Using the Cost Center Template form, a search will be conducted within ISRS for similar cost centers for the request. Use these to keep the cost center near the prior cost centers that are similar. If none exist, create a new cost center using (1 - Detroit Lakes, 2 - Fergus Falls, 3 - Moorhead, 4 - Wadena, or 5 - Online or Collegewide) as the second to last number in the cost center, depending up on location of purpose.
  • Create a budget control within the cost center based upon the purpose.
  • For grants, add the grant ID to the cost center.
  • Create a Budget Authority for the newly created cost center. Build 0099 - Personnel and/or 0999 - Non-Personnel budgets.
  • Complete the necessary user fields sections (ex: P - President, DLAS - Director of Liberal Arts/Sciences, ATH - Athletics, etc.) to ensure proper reporting.
  • Add Budget view authority to employee portals by selecting Chart of Accounts, Department Query Setup, connect the cost center to the individual technical ID.
  • If rights for purchasing are required, these rights will be added in Marketplace to all approvers.


Operations Accounting Manager

The Operations Accounting Manager will save documented requests to the business services drive.

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New Cost Center Request Template

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Pat Nordick
Leslie Rudrud


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