Latin / x History Month Trivia

Which duo performed at the Superbowl LIV halftime show?
Which is the Spanish-speaking country with the largest population?
Christ The Redeemer is a well-known Brazilian statue. In which city can you find it?
Which US state has the largest Spanish-speaking population?
Dolores Huerta and Cesar Chavez were labor activists who co-founded a worker’s association for which group?
Which Latin comedian became the first to host a late-night talk show on an English-language network?
Frida Kahlo was a prominent artist of the 20th century. What type of art was she known for?
What is All Saints' Day, or Day of the Dead, in Spanish?
The ruins of ancient Machu Picchu are remnants of what civilization?
What historical event does Cinco De Mayo commemorate?
The Galapagos Islands are known for being instrumental to Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection. Which country do these islands belong to?
Hispanic is an ethnicity, race or both ?
Angel Falls is the world’s largest uninterrupted waterfall. Where is it located?
What is the largest island in the Caribbean?
Hispanic Heritage Month starts on Sept. 15 in part because it coincides with the independence dates of these countries.
Who was the first Hispanic person, and woman of color, to serve as an American Supreme Court Justice, nominated by Barack Obama in 2009, following the retirement of Justice David Souter?