Detroit Lakes Campus Training Center Plan

In Progress
Project Leads
Vice President of Strategic Engagement
Core Team

Vice President of Strategic Engagement, Dean of Integrated Communication, Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs, Workforce Development Solutions Executive Director

Pillars of Success
Financial Sustainability
Strategic Plans
Annual Work Plan
Facilities Plan
Project Purpose

To explore, create a plan and support implementation programming options for the Detroit Lakes campus tied to industry support.

  • Identify likely programming options
  • Conduct research to determine programming structure and needs
  • Obtain direct industry support
  • Propose program solutions
  • Obtain Cabinet approval
  • Work with stakeholders to launch program
Project Scope
In Scope

Validating industry needs.

Out of Scope

Hiring faculty.


Time and effort relative to other priorities.

Effectiveness Measures
  • Determine the target – prescribed by leadership (manufacturing and healthcare)
  • Conduct research gathering insight from industry (staged throughout the project scope)
​​​​​​​Key Performance Indicators/Metrics
  • Research and results
  • Formulate a program solution (based on research) (OSE and Provost/WDS)
  • Establish industry support for program solution (OSE)
  • Validate the financial model and revenue estimates (OSE)
  • Seek Cabinet approval (OSE)
  • Launch program (could be one or more courses)
Metrics Review Schedule
  • As steps are completed
Reporting Results

Status reports through College Cabinet

Financial Impact

Creating new programming would provide additional income to the college.