Project charters

Project charters are an essential step to frame and document high-level key project components, such as the purpose, deliverables, timeline, scope, effectiveness measures, constraints and financial impact. A well planned project should use the Problem Solving Framework and have a charter developed before work begins. The charter can then be referenced throughout a project's lifecycle to assess effectiveness and identify opportunities for improvement that can be applied to future initiatives.

Please contact the Institutional Effectiveness Office for assistance filling out the Project Charter Form or if you have questions regarding project management.

Project Title Status Start Term End Term
CARE Team Completed Spring 2020 Fall 2020
Faculty and Staff Onboarding System In Progress Spring 2022 Summer 2022 (projected)
Strategic Enrollment Management Planning Project with AACRAO In Progress Spring 2022 Fall 2022 (projected)
Student Modality Survey and Focus Groups In Progress Spring 2022 Fall 2022 (projected)
TalkCampus Completed Fall 2020 Fall 2021