Strategic Enrollment Management Planning Project with AACRAO

Start Term
Spring 2022
End Term
Fall 2022 (projected)
Project Leads
Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs, Assoc. Dean of Marketing and Outreach
Pillars of Success
Financial Sustainability
Strategic Plans
SEM Plan
Project Purpose

The college will create a Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) plan using the AACRAO formats for targets, goals, strategies and tactics. The requirements necessary to create the SEM plan include:


1. Attend and participate in all general workshops, including breakout rooms and exercises.


2. Develop the following SEM plan sections:

  • Introduction and scope
  • The Case for SEM
  • Target
  • Goals
  • Strategies
  • Tactics and Action Plans
  • Note that your will be required to include goals, strategies and tactics that are focused on adult learners and closing equity gaps in access and attainment


3. Form cross-functional teams:

  • Steering
  • Recruitment/marketing
  • Retention/persistence/success/completion
  • Data


4. Meet regularly to assess and revise plans throughout the project.

  • Plan on weekly meetings of 90 minutes
  • Not all teams will meet at this pace across the entire project, but planning for this level of engagement means that when peak times occur, there is adequate time set aside to move the project forward


5. Complete project stages within the time frames laid out in the project plan.

  • Create mechanisms to measure and assess enrollment results, student success and equity
  • Participate in project convenings
  • SEM Goals drafted by 3/31/22
  • SEM Strategies drafter by 6/1/22
  • SEM Tactics and Action Plans drafted by 8/1/22
  • Finalize SEM Plan by 9/1/22
  • Share SEM Plan by 10/1/22
Financial Impact

System office sponsored.


Summary of Results

Plan was finalized spring 2023. Implementation is ongoing with bi-weekly consultation from AACRAO consultant through December 2023. The SEM plan ends June 2024.