Faculty and Staff Onboarding System

On Hold
Start Term
Spring 2022
End Term
Summer 2022 (delayed)
Project Leads
Institutional Effectiveness Project Manager
Core Team

Institutional Effectiveness Project Manager, Human Resources, IT, Dean's Administrative Assistant

Project Purpose
  • Create a positive experience for new employees.
  • Ensure effective and timely onboarding processes.
  • Migrate from the MinnState system to a M State system for additional control and monitoring of the process.
  • During development of the onboarding technology, receive feedback from end users and supervisors on functionality; utilize focus groups where the technology can be demonstrated and tested.
  • Document onboarding process.
  • Technology enabled onboarding flow of information (PowerApps or similar), that indicates steps needed to complete onboarding, steps completed (with date completed), notifications to appropriate personnel to complete a step, reminders if a particular step has not been completed, date process began, start date, date process completed. Target date of July 1 to soft launch the software.
  • Assessment and monitoring plan – develop a plan to establish the effectiveness of the solution and monitoring for early identification of any issues with the system.
Project Scope
In Scope

Onboarding process, technology to monitor the process and route appropriate steps to the appropriate departments.

Out of Scope


Effectiveness Measures

Assessment and monitoring of solution and early identification of issues with the system.

Financial Impact

Time spent on project.