Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Implementation

In Progress
Start Term
Fall 2023
End Term
Summer 2024 (projected)
Project Leads
Director of Applications and Infrastructure
Core Team

Director of Applications and Infrastructure, Director of Enrollment Management, Director of Student Experience

Ad Hoc team

Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness and Technology, Vice President of Student Affairs, Interim Dean of Student Affairs, Lead Applications Developer, Director of Student Success, Director of Financial Aid and Records, Data Analyst, Human Resources Faculty, Academic Advisors

Pillars of Success
Financial Sustainability
Strategic Plans
Annual Work Plan
Project Purpose
  • Ensure effective tracking of students through the entire lifecycle, including prospective student communications, current student communications, course success, early alert indicators, registration information, tracking academic plans and viewing of pertinent student data.
  • Provide a space for students to interact with key employees including advising, financial aid, and counselors/social workers; as well as provide a method for secure upload of documents and track progress towards goals.
  • Provide managers a dashboard to track ongoing progress on enrollment, registration and completion of financial aid.
  • Leverage the existing Minnesota State contract with Technolutions to use their Slate CRM
  • Contract with an implementation partner
  • Implement the partner plan
  • Decommission existing CRM’s (Oracle Service Cloud (OSC) and Salesforce)
  • Integration from ISRS into the CRM
  • Dashboards for supervisors, managers and students
Project Scope
In Scope

All student affairs units. The student life cycle and retention.

Out of Scope

Foundation, Workforce Development Solutions (currently out of scope, may change depending on results of the RFP).

Effectiveness Measures

Full implementation of Slate as the college’s CRM.

Key Performance Indicators/Metrics

Decommissioning of current CRMs: Salesforce and OSC. Usage by admission, enrollment, advising, Financial aid, and support services

Metric Collection and Review Schedule

At full launch of Slate, then again at three and six months.

Reporting of Results

Updated on the Project Charter website and report to the Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness and Technology and the Vice President of Student Affairs at data collection periods.


Integration with ISRS.

Financial Impact

Total estimate for Slate is $25k for use across the student lifecycle. With a Slate implementation partner, Post-Captain, it will cost $30k.