K12 Career and Technical Education (CTE) Expansion

In Progress
Start Term
Fall 2023
End Term
Spring 2024 (projected)
Project Leads
Director of Dual Enrollment, Academic Deans
Core Team

Director of Dual Enrollment, Academic Deans, Dean of Extended Learning, K12 Team

Ad Hoc team

Enrollment Managers, Academic Advisors, VP of Academic Affairs, CTE faculty, K12 Advisory Board

Pillars of Success
Student Success
Equity and Inclusion
Financial Sustainability
Strategic Plans
Annual Work Plan
Project Purpose

Bolster collaboration with K12 partners to expand Career and Technical Education (CTE) program pathways.


Develop the Build Skills Program, including courses and CTE pathways in high schools

  • Complete the development of introduction courses.
  • Collaborate with K12 partners to develop implementation plans.
  • Market and support CTE introduction courses in the high schools.


Expand CTE experiences (i.e. camps, workshops, etc.)

  • Review current offerings and determine high school needs.
  • Create new experiences based on partner input.
  • Pilot new experiences starting summer 2024.
Project Scope
In Scope

CTE programs, K12 stakeholders, M State K12 team, Enrollment Management.

Out of Scope

Non-CTE programs.

Effectiveness Measures
Project Goals

Increase visibility and participation in M State’s CTE courses and programs across our region and beyond.

Key Performance Indicators/Metrics
  • Introduction to CTE Courses - Number of introduction courses developed and scheduled to be offered in FY25.
  • Experiences - Number of experiences, types of experiences, number of students who attend, business and industry partnership involvement in camps.
Metric Collection and Review Schedule

Metrics will be reviewed annually and included on K12 Collaboration Success Reports.


Financial (i.e. release time or stipends for faculty), faculty interest or capacity, K12 partners access to necessary equipment.

Financial Impact

K12 student exposures to high wage and high demand CTE programs/careers will increase high school graduates’ matriculation to M State.