Start Term
Fall 2020
End Term
Fall 2021
Project Leads
Dean of Students, Director of Student Engagement
Core Team

Dean of Students, Director of Student Engagement, Counselors

Pillars of Success
Student Success
Strategic Plans
Annual Work Plan
Project Purpose

M State surveyed students in the fall of 2020 to assess the impact of COVID. When students were asked what the most likely barrier to success in college was, 50 percent (n=155) responded mental health was a factor. The college’s findings was further supported by national trends indicating the mental health of college students as being an increasing concern due to the pandemic (increased stress, anxiety and depression due to health concerns, isolation, etc.). Due to the college’s limited capacity to serve students in-person and during certain times of the day, the college identified an essential need for 24/7 mental health services to support our students’ well-being and persistence towards their educational goals.

  • Mental health support network for students to access 24/7
  • A support system to increase students’ ability to cope, give students a greater sense of wellbeing and resilience, and increase levels of self-esteem and confidence
  • Peer social connection via a mobile app with real time crisis interventions
Project Scope
In Scope

To identify a technology-based solution to support student mental health at M State that operates in a 24/7/365 manner. Additional aspects for consideration: languages beyond English, app-based, sustainable price and mental health education option.

Out of Scope

Hiring additional staff/counselors.

Effectiveness Measures
  • TalkCampus usage data from vendor by semester
  • Annual student surveys to determine why student are and are not using TalkCampus. The college will explore integrating key questions into existing survey efforts to avoid survey fatigue for students and is planning to start collecting survey data to make improvements beginning summer 2022

Budget, Contracting/software vetting process at MinnState

Financial Impact

Increased retention of students creates an increase in tuition revenue

Summary of Results
  • Secured contract with TalkCampus
  • Communicated purpose of support service and how it can be accessed to stakeholders
  • Created ongoing internal outreach campaign for enrolled students
Future Direction

This project is now college practice and has been institutionalized.