End of Course Student Surveys

In Progress
Start Term
Spring 2023
End Term
Spring 2025 (projected)
Project Leads
Dean for the School of Health Sciences, Human Services and Nursing; Dean for the School of Arts and Humanities
Core Team

Dean for the School of Health Sciences, Human Services and Nursing; Dean for the School of Arts and Humanities; Administrative Assistants; Faculty

Ad Hoc team

Institutional Research

Pillars of Success
Student Success
Project Purpose
  • Improve student response rates for end of course surveys.
  • Streamline the process - sending survey links, data reporting, etc.
  • Assemble a taskforce to review the current survey process, the survey (e.g. relevancy of questions, mobile compatibility, survey length, survey invitation to students, etc.) and research best practices to identify suggestions for improvement which will be presented to Shared Governance Council and Cabinet.
  • Provide an opportunity for impacted stakeholders (e.g. students, faculty, academic assistants, etc.) who are not on the taskforce to provide input using surveys, focus groups, or other methods to collect feedback.
  • Seek recommendations from faculty in programs that receive high response rates to the surveys for ideas on how to encourage student participation.
  • Discuss the Higher Learning Commission’s regular and substantive interaction expectations and determine if question(s) that directly support this need to be incorporated into the survey.
  • Determine a recommended timeline for survey email invitations and survey reminders to be sent to students.
Project Scope
In Scope

Providing recommendations on the survey questions, survey length, methods of deployment and how to involve faculty so they can encourage students to take the survey.

Out of Scope

Surveys and/or survey questions not directly related to courses.

Effectiveness Measures
Key Performance Indicators/Metrics
  • Survey response rates.
  • Informal/formal feedback from faculty and academic assistants.
Metric Collection and Review Schedule
  • Surveys are conducted at the end of every term. The aggregate response rates will be compared fall to fall and spring to spring FY23 to FY24 to determine effectiveness.
Action Plan Timeline
  • Fall 2023 - Deans will work with administrative assistants to customize the survey email invitations that go out to student (email message, subject line, reply to email, etc.).
  • Fall 2023 - A faculty work group will review and update the survey questions.
  • Spring 2024 - New survey questions will be used (assuming approval by SGC).
  • Academic Year 2024-2025 - Alternatives for survey dissemination/modality will be explored.

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