In Progress
Start Term
Fall 2023
End Term
Spring 2024
Project Leads
Dean of Integrated Communications
Core Team

Director of Applications and Infurastructure, Senior Communications Specialist, Social Media Specialist, Senior Graphic Designer, Lead Applications Developer, Web and Applications Developer

Pillars of Success
Student Success
Strategic Plans
SEM Plan
Project Purpose

To create a website and pages that reflect M State's brand, provide information and ensure a user-friendly experience.


Planning and Discovery

  • Sitemap, review, and recommendations
  • Stakeholder Matrix
  • Content audit/inventory
  • Content/Usability


Design (User Experience)

  • Wireframes
  • Design direction
  • Page mockups


Content Strategy

  • Sitemap (new design)
  • Comparative analysis
  • Content inventory and analysis
  • Content wireframe
  • Sitemap testing


Technical Architecture

  • Templates and build plan
  • Migration planning



  • Style guide
  • Development and documentation


The project is estimated to be completed by February, 2024.

Project Scope
In Scope

Branding guidelines, current data (bounce rate, number of new users, page views, etc.), technical expertise.

Out of Scope

Hiring external experts to help with the website redesign.

Effectiveness Measures
  1. Increase leads (engagement/first touchpoint for prospects)
  2. Increase conversions (prospect to applied)
  3. Brand Awareness
  4. Showcase campuses and programs
Key Performance Indicators/Metrics

Bounce rate, longevity on a page, number of new users

Metric Review Schedule

Monthly, quarterly, yearly

Reporting Results

Results will be available on the marketing and communication SharePoint site

Financial Impact

Project estimate: $150,000

Project funded: Institutional funds