In Progress
Start Term
Fall 2023
End Term
Spring 2025
Project Leads
Dean of Equity and Inclusion, Vice President of Human Resources, Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness and Technology
Core Team

Representatives from Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, Institutional Effectiveness, and DEI

Pillars of Success
Student Success
Equity and Inclusion
Strategic Plans
Annual Work Plan
Equity 2030
Strategic Plan
Project Purpose

The Minnesota State campus climate assessment framework aims to have all colleges, universities and the system office undertake an assessment of campus climate for both students and employees every three years. Campus Climate refers to the experience of individuals and groups on a campus and the quality and extent of the interaction between those various groups and individuals. The overarching goal is to improve the support, policies, practices and impact of efforts to promote equity and inclusion, improve workplace climate and meet the needs of students and employees across the system.

  • Complete master contract
  • Assemble a workgroup and steering committee
  • Establish a timeline to deploy the survey, analyze data and share results
  • Develop a communication and marketing plan
  • Determine incentives and strategies for engagement to boost response rates
  • Identify target audiences
  • Create FAQs resources
  • Deploy the survey to gather data on student and employee experiences across differences and within the environment
  • Analyze results and develop report for dissemination
  • Conduct listening tours and/or focus groups
Project Scope
In Scope

Meet with team to examine the execution of the survey, including the survey name, marketing, incentives, data review, focus groups as needed and data dissemination.

Out of Scope

Construction of the survey and adding questions.

Effectiveness Measures
Project Goal

To complete the Campus Climate Survey by March 12, 2024, gather data to inform the college of employee and student experiences, use data to inform strategic plans and initiatives in alignment with Equity 2030.

Key Performance Indicators
  • Student response rate of 15%, with stretch of 20%. Campus Employee response rate goal 60-70%
  • Response rates that are representative of student demographics (ethnicity and campus)
  • Data comparison of identified campus climate barriers or concerns to monitor progression throughout the survey cycle every three years
Metric Collection and Review Timeline
  • Every three years
Reporting of Results
  • Listening tours
  • Stakeholder summary reports

College buy-in, bargaining unit constrictions.

Financial Impact

The cost of the survey and incentives. Exploring giveaways that are available in other departments to offset costs.