Gas Utility Construction and Service

A targeted curriculum and hands-on fieldwork at Xcel Energy's training centers in the Twin Cities make this M State program unique and effective at fully readying graduates for successful careers in the natural gas industry.

Help keep your community safe and heated with a rewarding career in the natural gas industry.

Trained gas technicians are in demand, and our unique Gas Utility Construction and Service program will prepare you for a range of potential jobs in the field. Graduates are qualified for careers as gas construction and service mechanics, gas clerk estimators, underground facilities locators and gas appliance repairers, to name a few.

Students in the program learn to install, maintain and operate high- and low-pressure natural gas distribution systems for residential, commercial and industrial customers, gaining the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in what has become one of the most technologically intensive industries in today's economy.

Offered in partnership with the Minnesota State Energy Center of Excellence and Xcel Energy, coursework for the program is planned and taught by M State instructors and students are trained at Xcel's training facilities in the Twin Cities metro area.

The program is the only one of its kind in Minnesota and North Dakota.

Students can pursue a one-term, 19-credit certificate that includes instruction on the characteristics and hazards of propane and natural gas, the different types and functions of electric and gas appliances, safety practices, the proper use of utility equipment and machinery, plastic pipe fusion, underground electronic marker locating and other skills needed for successful entry into the field.