Accounting Clerk

Diploma - 32 credits

About this program
This program provides the knowledge and skills necessary to perform routine calculating, journalizing, posting and verifying duties to maintain accounting records and prepare payroll reports and individual state and federal tax returns. Both manual and computerized accounting concepts and applications are included.
Program outcomes
  1. Demonstrate application of a variety of software programs, including integrated accounting software.
  2. Apply accounting theory to service and merchandising organizations.
  3. Calculate payroll, maintain records and prepare reports in compliance with state and federal requirements.
  4. Demonstrate effective communication.
  5. Demonstrate critical thinking.
  6. Demonstrate effective use of technology.
  7. Demonstrate personal, social and ethical responsibility.
  8. Apply accounting theory to corporate organizations.
  9. Demonstrate the ability to prepare financial statements.
  10. Apply the Internal Revenue Code as it relates to individual income taxes.
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Curriculum overview

Credits Requirement type
20 Required courses
9 Restricted electives in courses
3 Restricted electives in MnTC Goal Areas
32 Total


Required Courses:

Course Credits
ACCT1101 - Payroll 3
ACCT1124 - Spreadsheet Applications 3
ACCT2211 - Financial Accounting I 3
ACCT2212 - Financial Accounting II 3
ACCT2218 - QuickBooks 2
ACCT2255 - Income Tax-Individual 3
BUS1100 - Business Computers 3

9 credits from one or more of these courses:

Course Credits
ACCT2210 - Managerial Accounting 4
ACCT2256 - Income Tax-Business 3
ACCT2616 - Intermediate Accounting I 3
ACCT2640 - Accounting Internship 1
BUS1141 - Introduction to Business 3
BUS2150 - Legal Environment of Business 3
BUS2204 - Principles of Management 3
BUS2206 - Principles of Marketing 3
HRES1122 - Human Resource Management 3
HRES1130 - Benefits Administration 3

3 credits from these goal areas:

Goal Area
1. Communication