Dental Hygiene

Associate of Applied Science (AAS) - 88 credits

About this program
The Dental Hygiene program provides knowledge and skills to perform critical dental services that detect, prevent and treat diseases of the mouth while working as part of a dental team. Students who complete the program will leave with the skills to provide current, comprehensive dental hygiene services and may find employment in a variety of settings including private dental offices, schools, hospitals and public health clinics. Students interested in an advanced degree in dental hygiene or a related field have a number of transfer options to four-year colleges and universities. The Minnesota Board of Dentistry requires BCA and FBI criminal background checks and fingerprint analysis prior to initial licensure in the state of Minnesota.
Program outcomes
  1. Demonstrate clinical competence required to provide current comprehensive dental hygiene services.
  2. Communicate effectively with patients, peers and dental health team providers by utilizing professional written and oral communication.
  3. Exhibit ethical behavior consistent with dental professional conduct.
  4. Utilize current technology relevant to the dental profession.
  5. Demonstrate basic dental office management skills.
  6. Apply current concepts of infection control and occupational safety.
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1st Fall Term - 16 credits

Course Credits
DENT1100 - Biomaterials 3
DENT1104 - Dental Health Care Providers II 1
DENT1106 - Dental Radiology Lecture 3
DNHY1104 - Dental Anatomy Lab 1
DNHY1106 - Head and Neck Anatomy 2
DNHY1110 - Principles I 2
DNHY1112 - Dental Hygiene Practice I 3
DNHY1113 - Radiology Lab I 1

1st Spring Term - 16 credits

Course Credits
DNHY1108 - Oral Histology and Embryology 2
DNHY1114 - Radiology Lab II 1
DNHY1119 - Dental Hygiene Principles II 4
DNHY1123 - Dental Hygiene Practice II 5
DNHY1136 - Dental Pharmacology 2
DNHY2219 - Periodontology 2

1st Summer Term - 28 credits

Course Credits
BIOL2202 - Principles of Nutrition 3
BIOL2260 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I 3
BIOL2262 - Human Anatomy and Physiology II 3
BIOL2267 - Medical Microbiology 3
CHEM1100 - Fundamental Concepts of Chemistry 3
DENT1102 - Dental Anatomy 2
DENT1103 - Introduction for Dental Health Care Providers 2
ENGL1101 - College Writing 3
PSYC1200 - General Psychology 3
SOC1111 - Introduction to Sociology 3

2nd Fall Term - 15 credits

Course Credits
DNHY1118 - Oral Pathology 2
DNHY2210 - Dental Hygiene Principle IV 2
DNHY2213 - Dental Hygiene Practice IV 6
DNHY2226 - Community Dental Hygiene 4
DNHY2240 - Clinical Affiliation I 1

2nd Spring Term - 9 credits

Course Credits
DENT1122 - Dental Ethics and Jurisprudence 1
DNHY2220 - Dental Hygiene Principle V 1
DNHY2223 - Dental Hygiene Practice V 6
DNHY2246 - Clinical Affiliation II 1

2nd Summer Term - 4 credits

Course Credits
DNHY1124 - Pain Control Lab 2
DNHY1130 - Dental Hygiene Principles III 1
DNHY1132 - Dental Hygiene Practice III 1