DNHY1124 - Pain Control Lab

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This course provides the dental hygiene student with the knowledge and skills necessary to administer local anesthesia and other methods of pain control during dental procedures without inducing detrimental physiological side effects.
  1. Describe the uses of local anesthetics in the practice of dental hygiene.
  2. Describe the physiology of nerve conduction.
  3. Explain how local anesthetics block nerve conduction.
  4. Describe the chemical classes of local anesthetics.
  5. Discuss the effect pH has on ionization of local anesthetics.
  6. Describe the pharmacokinetics of local anesthetics.
  7. Discuss the purpose of adding a vasoconstrictor to a local anesthetic solution.
  8. Describe the clinical action of specific local anesthetics.
  9. Assemble the correct armamentarium for individual injections.
  10. Understand the general principles of technique and safety.
  11. Recognize the anatomical landmarks associated with the common local anesthetic injection sites.
  12. Describe and demonstrate all major maxillary and mandibular injection techniques used in the practice of dental hygiene.
  13. Explain how individual state dental practice acts regulate the administration of anesthetic agents.
  14. Administer nitrous oxide and oxygen inhalation sedation.
Degrees that use this course

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Associate of Applied Science (AAS)