DNHY1114 - Radiology Lab II

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Dental Hygiene students will be introduced to techniques and processes for exposing digital full-mouth series and extra-oral digital radiographs on skulls, manikins and patients. Students will utilize these techniques and processes to expose digital radiographs and evaluate them for diagnostic value according to M State Dental Criteria for Radiographic Acceptability.
  1. Demonstrate correct technique basics for digital intra-oral and extra-oral radiographs on patients.
  2. Demonstrate safe infection control procedures.
  3. Perform accurate documentation of procedures in patient charts according to the State of Minnesota record-keeping requirements.
  4. Practice specific radiologic techniques for clients with special needs.
  5. Identify factors and principles of diagnostically acceptable dental images.
  6. Identify radiographic errors and their specific methods of correction.
  7. Identify the correct placement and arrangement of intra-oral radiographic surveys.
  8. Identify typical images of anatomic structures as recorded in the bite-wing and periapical dental radiographs.
  9. Understand the biological effects of radiation and the necessary safety precautions that must be followed in the dental setting.
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Dental Hygiene

Associate of Applied Science (AAS)