DNHY1123 - Dental Hygiene Practice II

5 (0/5/0)
This course is a continuation of DNHY 1112, Dental Hygiene Practice I, and introduces the student to further instrumentation theory, instrumentation techniques and procedures, clinical protocol, evaluation of medical/dental histories and radiographic surveys as prescribed by a dentist. This course provides opportunity for the student to develop competence in clinical procedures.
  1. Demonstrate sickle scaler activation.
  2. Demonstrate universal curette activation.
  3. Demonstrate disclosing agent use and plaque index computation.
  4. Demonstrate oral hygiene instruction for individualized patient needs.
  5. Demonstrate mechanical polishing with dental hygiene slow speed handpiece.
  6. Demonstrate topical fluoride administration and fluoride varnish administration.
  7. Demonstrate SOAP note recordkeeping.
  8. Demonstrate instrument sharpening techniques.
  9. Demonstrate ultrasonic instrument use on green teeth.
  10. Perform 6-8 Class I or Class II prophylaxes and 1 Class III or Class IV prophylaxis on a clinical patient.
  11. Complete one full mouth radiographic series on a clinical patient.
  12. Complete one panoramic radiograph on a clinical patient.
  13. Complete one set of alginate impressions (to include a maxillary and mandibular impression) and bite registration, poured up in plaster or stone and trimmed as study casts.
  14. Assist dentist/instructor in administration of local anesthetic, as needed, for periodontal debridement experiences.
Degrees that use this course

Dental Hygiene

Associate of Applied Science (AAS)