Human Resources

Associate of Applied Science (AAS) - 60 credits

About this program
Human resources programs prepare students to provide support to companies and individual employees in the area of human resources. Associate of Applied Science graduates may assume duties in the following areas: communication with employees, employee data record-keeping, policies and administration, employer and labor relations, employee recruitment, selection and employment, training and development, wage and salary, and benefit administration.
Program outcomes
  1. Understand and apply applicable federal, state and local employment regulations and record-keeping requirements to human resource functions.
  2. Demonstrate and apply effective communication skills in oral and written forms applied to core human resource functions.
  3. Research and construct ethical policies and procedures related to core human resource functions.
  4. Function effectively in a diverse global business community.
  5. Understand the strategic impact that human resources has within the business environment.
  6. Understand and utilize technology for business and human resource applications.
  7. Utilize critical thinking skills to analyze and solve related human resources problems and situations.
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