HRES2204 - Policy Administration

3 (3/0/0)
This course covers basic information and understanding of the need for human resources policies in an organization, types of policies, the process of policy formulation and how policies are used.
  1. Explain employee handbook purpose and uses.
  2. Explain organization objectives/policies relationship.
  3. Identify and validate supportive policy resources.
  4. Explain acknowledgement and disclaimer usage in employee handbooks.
  5. Interpret the employment at will doctrine.
  6. Explain policy decision making and policy clarity and consistency.
  7. Compare and contrast handbook policies across industries.
  8. Apply federal and state employment law to handbook polices.
  9. Identify current trends in handbook policies.
  10. Discuss handbook policy accountability and responsibility.
  11. Identify policy evaluation procedures.
  12. Develop and analyze handbook policies.
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